Creating Stories

by | Jul 26, 2019 | blog | 1 comment

Every day taking session with children gives a deeper insight in their world and helps in creating a better experience for children.From outside a Project KHEL session might look where few facilitators are doing sessions with children using sports or some other active learning methodologies, lots of children doing some drills, kicking balls , dribbling , showing some football moves , cutting the air with Frisbee, some flying in the air, continuous sound of kabbadi kabbadi and Kho Kho and lots of laughter. In all this macro picture there are so many minutest things happening which make it a Project KHEL session. We as a team of motivated facilitator tries to write a beautiful memory in every child’s life whom we come across during our sessions.

Creating these memories and stories in children life require us to work in micro level for generating wonderful experiences. We create stories for three different levels:

1st level: Individual child- This is where we put most of our effort, where focus is on bringing the smile on a child’s face and helping them learn how to continue rejuvenating it by themselves. To achieve this target we ensure our activities be enough engaging and learning oriented, creating a space where a child is free to share without being judged, without being hesitant, without having the fear of being a boy or a girl, without being laughed or bullied on failures instead getting appreciated for all the efforts they take, being respected for what they are, being supported by peers whenever they require and getting to hear the loudest cheers from peers. These virtual safe spaces can be anywhere a Project KHEL facilitator stands, it is not defined by any boundaries.We have a strong process where individual child’s cases are discussed if any of facilitator feels the need and tracking of the child’s growth is looked after.We use this space in creating beautiful memories for our children. We use sports and activities as tools to provide joyful experiential learning of life skills. In this space we build a sense of togetherness among the class where they tries to positively resolve the issues among themselves, motivate each other.

2nd level- at Group level- one group can be a class in school settings, a group of children playing together at our slum locations or at any of our shelter home locations, by focusing on individual child we help in creating a group which plays together and laughs together and learn together. In our initial sessions we provide special attention in building a sense of team,being and working together.We work on different elements of team dynamic- making and sustaining a team, maintaining the motivation, involving every member, space for listening and sharing, positively dealing with winning and losing. This level the stories in children’s life is around how they achieved together, accepted each other’s opinions, shared happiness, improved learnings and bigger and more smiles.

3rd level: Stories for self- I feel when witnessing all the amazing things and changes happening in front of own eyes, it leaves a strong imprint in our heart and memories. So many strong moments happen during sessions which gives a lifelong learning. During discussions with children getting to hear many strong views from children left me enthralled and kept me thinking whole day on the perspective children give. Listening to their stories take me back to my own childhood and feels that age is reversing. The act of kindness, accepting different views, respecting different religion, standing strongly for justice all these experience add beautiful memories in my life experience and give me a stronger sense of hope for beautiful world.

In the process of adding memories to children’s lives the more is happening within, it gives a sense of contentment make me feel privileged to getting to see hundreds of smiling faces, at the same time it gives a stronger sense of responsibility to plan every single session with minutest details and impact it is going to create in child’s mind, the kind of spark my session will bring, the steering of thoughts it will make.