Khelo ka Khel

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 Contributed by: Safwan

‘Padhoge likhoge banoge nawab

Kheloge kudoge hoge kharab’ 

Since childhood I am listening this phrase. I don’t understand why sports are seen as a villain every time in society especially in Indian culture. In our childhood whenever we move to playground then always our elders enquire about our study like how your study is going, you are always playing and not giving enough time to studies etc. In always playing, how much ‘always’ is present this is serious thing to see. If we see the numbers:

  • Only 0.06% population of India are doing exercise on a daily basis.
  • In our country, the average age of heart related diseases are 25-30 years
  • Every 3rd child of India is a victim of obesity

These numbers are showing that we literally got success in stopping people from playing or indulge in any sport related activities. Now some facts about societal structure which are also not much promising:

  • Available data hints that school and colleges are not taking sports and physical education seriously at all.
  • In schools and colleges there are no availability of physical education teachers and if they are present, they are not much active
  • Limitation in budgets and lack in basic infrastructure
  • Responsible and answering system is failing in itself
  • The level of health problems in children are also dangerous

This is the time to understand and think we are ignoring this activity which makes us happy and energetic. Initially we played sports secondary and slowly it is completely going off the track. We are stopping our self from playing and stopping other people to do the same thing and not taking time to prove unimportant. This problem is not come absurdly. There is increasing evidence that physical activity is associated with altered risk for certain specific types of cancer, especially colon and prostate. The physical health benefits of regular physical activity are well-established and regular participation in such activities is associated with a longer and better quality of life, reduced risks of a variety of diseases and many psychological and emotional benefits. There are lot of literatures showing that inactivity is one of the most significant causes of reduced quality of life, disability, and death in the developed world.

This problem is highly catered by Project Khel’s program i.e., ‘Made in Maidaan’. Made in Maidaan is regular programme, which harnesses the ‘Power of Play’ for development through a series of modules designed to impart crucial Life Skills Education though experiential learning and activity-based learning models. The idea behind this programme is that it is highly focused on underprivileged adolescents aged between 9-18 years and engage them in a sport based programme and led through a series of life skills education to make them changemakers within the community.

Why Life Skills through sports?

Life skills are necessary because they ensure necessary and desirable participation in everyday life. It also includes psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that directly helping in informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Sport includes all forms of physical activity that contributes to physical fitness, mental wellbeing, and social interaction, such as play, recreation, organized or competitive sport, indigenous sports or games.

 It is very important to be wakeful and make the secondary thing to primary and establish a new and fresh definition:

 ‘Khelte hue padhoge to hoge kaamyab’