PK in PK

by | Nov 29, 2016

Contributed by: Pooja Kashyup

 Dated: May 27, 2016

 Someone opened a door and led me into a new world. “Project KHEL”, that voice had said!

Alright, so let me explain about this new world first then, we can talk about the other amazing things! I say “new world” in the sense, that whatever I have learnt till now, seems useless and things are completely DIFFERENT here at Project KHEL.

 The theories that completely fail here:

  • People are mean and self-centered; they do whatever suits them best.
  • It is always better to keep your mouth shut if you don’t have something relevant/significant to say.
  • Your problems are your own. No one else cares.
  • People don’t usually like the ones who tell them about what they did wrong.
  • Accepting/Taking help = you are not enough for yourself/you are weak.


Things are completely different here:

  • People here are self-less.
  • ‘Keeping your mouth shut’ is appreciated at many places, not here.
  • Your problems are not your own, if they are affecting the work you do.
  • ‘You have a weakness’ and ‘you are weak’ are completely different things.
  • Critical comments are respected and encouraged.

I have been difficult or let’s say ‘partially shut’ to people around me. This, I was being continuously reminded of, to loosen up, and then it came like a hard blow, “PK, this is very frustrating, you know!” Surprisingly, I showed no signs of guarding up; I knew it was true and I needed to work on it. And, truthfully, I felt respect for that person, possibly because it was said in a way, where the intention of helping you to grow was very clear.

Team– The Project KHEL team is the best one can ever have. Each and every member is dedicated, hard-working, smart-working, laced with sheer passion, child at heart, caring, responsible, punctual and more.

  1. It’s not an ‘I’ but a ‘We’.
  2. There are good days and bad days. And we learn from both.
  3. We motivate each other; criticize each other; praise each other; help each other; care for each other; play with each other and grow together. We treat each other like friends and love each other like family members.
  4. Everyone is equal; we don’t have a senior junior concept.
  5. It’s not just an NGO; it’s so much more!

The more you know them, the more they inspire you.

 Me- When I was one month old at this organization, I was like:

  1. I am not a ‘good’ influence, if I am an influence at all.
  2. How can I teach kids Life-skills, when I am myself bad at those? Inter-personal Relations? Ye kyun hota hai? and effective communication? I am not good at communication, forget effective communication.
  3. Other facilitators are super-humans!
  4. I have never played any game, let alone sport; ye naa ho payega!

Thankfully, that’s not me anymore! (Ye kahaani fir kabhi! )

P.S. – You Woke Me Up
No Longer Tired
With You I Feel Inspired
You Help Me Find My Fire