Never too late…

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Contributed by: Noor

As I look back to the day I joined, I realized it’s been a month here working at Project KHEL.  It is my first job and considering that I have other roles to play as a mother and a homemaker, Project KHEL offered me the role of Facilitator with observation period of one month. I came to the organization enthusiastically and the first day gave me a glimpse of actual work that I am hired for.

Recently I saw a post on LinkedIn by a senior recruiter of an MNC wishing that the schools pay equal attention in imparting Life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, team management, etc. So, I started to feel proud of working in an organization that has successfully identified and is imparting the underrated yet important skills to the children belonging to all sections of society. One of the locations which was a shelter home moved me into tears. The visit inspired me to strive to be the best version of me because I am here to impart them skills that they’ll carry throughout their life. Since then, every session is as refreshing as a cup of coffee as you overcome any physical and emotional stress. We’re assigned our locations by the previous weekend, all of which are located in different parts of the city. With adequate planning and equipments a team of facilitators and a few youth leaders reach and conduct a session with children. It is within that one hour that we make them learn through play without compromising on civic manners.

Then came the Lucknow Ultimate tournament which exposed me to an ocean of observations and thoughts. There were at least 150 young boys and girls in the lush green field. Their stamina, sport skills, approach, empathy, teamwork, awareness and dedication left me spellbound. This led me to realize the intensity of dedication and passion our founder and Mr. Akshai Abraham who is their and also the rest of the team that worked together. The fluorescent green and orange shoes distributed to them on the first day added to their excitement. Throughout the two days I didn’t see a single child misbehaving, abusing or showing any anti-social behavior. In fact, what I saw was older children caring for their younger ones, cheering for each other, having healthy and friendly conversations within groups comprising both genders. The sight left me to wonder that when we segregate children on gender we also deprive them of many ideas that could be exchanged during their conversations and the help and support they can give to each other. It was an amazing experience overall where I loosely learnt some basics of a tournament organization.

I’d like to share that before joining, I was a little nervous as to if the team would be able to accept me as one of their member since I was a mother and most of them were younger to me. But from the very first day the members just absorbed me in their team and have ever since helped and motivated me in all aspects. The lunch time has helped us to bond better. Also, would like to share that the team is self-driven with occasional formal briefings from the organization head.

Within this span of time, juggling between the roles of a homemaker and a novice professional, I am learning to manage and organize my day better. Every single day comes with a challenge for me in striking a balance between my personal and professional life which is gradually smoothening. Also, to be efficient in all my roles I’ve started to take care of myself and have pushed my body’s physical boundaries which is the basic expectation for any organization.

This one month has made me aware about the qualities that I’ve to work upon to groom myself as a professional. I am evolving to do better at time management, to complete task efficiently in stress and multi-tasking.

I owe this month to the organization who believed that I could also join them in their work. I am grateful to my husband who is happily sharing responsibilities so that I can have peace of mind while working. At the end, I also like to share that somewhere in my heart I have a guilt that in my quest to become a working professional I am depriving my son my time that he deserves. I hope it’s not the way I am assuming.