Me, being with the Children

by | Dec 12, 2013

Contributed by: Kamzason Hangsing
Dated: 15th November, 2013

Working with children has always been fun. Since childhood, I have enjoyed being with younger children, teaching them football and improving my football skills in return. Never have I imagined what good could it have done to me, as a person.

Life, as often phrased, has not always been fair. Having a hard time being bullied by peers, elders, the unsolved identity confusion and what not; to recall – it was not a very good childhood experience. It also makes me think, how simple yet destructive can the words we speak every single minute unintentionally or intentionally be that, unknowingly or not, we become the reason for messing up someone’s identity.

While I fought my own struggles, I did also have my own share of good times. One from many such happy moments would be when I play football; specially with younger children and share with them the things that I had learnt. Football has its own story of its benefits, and playing with children also has its own tale.

Playing with children was the time, when I was listened to, asked for ways and techniques, and also asked for approval. Playing with children was the time when I felt important. Playing with children was the time when I was appreciated. Playing with children was the time when I felt I was capable. It was the time when I would feel loved and respected. These were some of the crucial things, amongst some others, which would tell me that I am worthy of something and helped me move on with life…

Now, here I am – back to being with children. Nothing has changed. If I may say, I believe we all do crave for love, attention in one way or the other, respect, and so on. Even though it is not in the agenda to get these in return but experiencing their love and earning their respect always make me feel good about myself. Seeing the smiles in their faces gives me a sense of purpose and their smiles have really made life meaningful.

The journey, so far, has been worthwhile; there will be no regret and surely will there be more reasons to explore to reach out to more – for their own good as well as for my own…