Learning, Growing and Living with Project KHEL

by | Jun 21, 2016

Contributed by: Hitkarsh Srivastava
Dated: 1st June, 2016

Today the name ‘Project KHEL’ almost unknown, a year before; feels no less than ‘Love of Life’ to me. It might sound exaggerated but it is something that one can feel only if one is or has ever been a part of it. I remember the days when Project KHEL was not in my life, and I can see the present days, when it is there in my life, I find the present days much happier, is this not something that Love does?

Although the journey had been very long in terms of memories, still it looks like this journey started a few days back only. Each day, since I’ve joined the team, I’ve been learning, growing and living (not just existing).

It is no less than a blessing to be the part of a team guided by a such a brilliant boss Mr. Akshai Abraham, a great teacher, a greater guide, a real mentor and above all this a truly generous person. Meeting him once is sufficient enough to give an idea why Project KHEL has been changing so many lives in such an effective and playful way. The way he takes care of the whole team; not only in the work related things but also in the personal problems a team member might be facing; as a guardian, is something that is usually rare in professional Bosses. He himself is an inspiration to the team and to many people around. This is one of the biggest reasons why work is fun at Project KHEL. If I talk about the team, I have just one thing to say and that is ‘They are Family away from home’.

I remember once I said this thing to one of our team members, Veena and the same I would like to share today,“ When I joined Project KHEL, I saw that it working on the things, ideas and issues I would always feel important and wanted to talk about, since I was a teenager. And it is natural that when you find an organization working so keenly on things you too are concerned about, it makes you more firm with your beliefs, ideas and thoughts, it also raises your self-confidence.”

I really feel like an year old kid today, the same energy, the same urge to learn and the same reasons to cheer, no matter what is going wrong in life, I have ‘kids and sessions’ to enjoy even during the bad days.

Playing and being with kids is not just fun but very much learning. The ‘out of box’ replies they give, the enthusiasm they show, the creativeness they present, the innocence they bear and the love they shower upon facilitators when they come running to us in the ground with pretty smiles; these all are the return gifts that we get after every session we conduct. I know that no other reason except Project KHEL can give me a chance to live my ‘teenage’ again. I owe Project KHEL all my progress, as a person, in last one year.

This post can go long but I have to end it here, and what better an ending can be than this **(whole team)** group hug!!”