KHEL @ Ehsaas

by | Jul 22, 2013

Contributed by: Anshika Vajpeyi (Ehsaas)

Dated: 17th July, 2013

The clock strikes 4 in the evening, and there is a hustle at Ehsaas Shelters. Children run to put on their sports shoes and dress because the “Didis and Bhaiyas“ of KHEL are there!

When the founder of KHEL approached Ehsaas and shared the concept, we were extremely excited. Street children have tremendous potential, grit and energy and what better way to channelize it, than sports. That too not just random games, but through trained professionals. What attracted us was their innovative model to teach life-skills through games.

The KHEL session proved to be everything that we expected and more. Children living on the street have low attention span and concentration. Most of them are also addicted to some form of addictive substance, making it all more challenging to engage them in a disciplined sports session or routine. The skilled facilitators of KHEL were able to successfully engage the children  who quickly started looking forward to the sessions twice a week. They were motivated by the small achievements that they made on the field, for which they were suitably lauded.

We saw a marked change in the self esteem and confidence of many children. This impacted their performance in other fields too. As Roshan, age 14 mentions, “it increased my confidence and gives me motivation, which helps me in performing my other duties as well”.

The children have developed a great relationship  with the KHEL team. This relationship is not limited to the games field, but also to the music sessions, celebrating birthdays and much more. Thus with great joy we can say that KHEL has become an extension of Ehsaas  family.

Tajim, a 16 years old boy, who stays at Ehsaas, is now a part-time trainee facilitator with KHEL. He was selected because of his sincerity and consistency of learning and performing. Within a year KHEL has impacted the lives of children and complemented our efforts through innovative ideas and creative mediums of non-formal learning and physical fitness.

We look forward to many more years of partnership!


Guest post by:
Anshika Vajpeyi
Officer In Charge
Training and Resource Mobilization