Two years with Project KHEL

by | Nov 23, 2016

Contributed by: Arushi Dhawan

Dated: 10th, July, 2016

One fine day, I decided that I don’t want to pursue a career in Finance instead I want to do my masters in Social Work. I had never volunteered with an NGO before, nor had people around me seen any inclination in me for a social cause. So, convincing my family and friends was a difficult task at hand.

Then Project KHEL happened. I mailed my CV and went for an interview where I met the most understanding Boss and trust me he is always ready to invest his time and energy in people who want a chance to do something. He gave me MY chance too. These two years with Project KHEL  have been the happiest and most content years of my life.

A big thank-you to Akshai Abraham for letting me be a part of Project KHEL and trusting me with all the responsibilities and, along with Angana, for guiding me at every struggle I had with understanding the children and to the most loving team. Project KHEL is like a family now and going away from family makes you so emotional that you end up writing.

We at Project KHEL work towards imparting Life Skill Education to children but along with the children I have also learnt a lot. I am a more outgoing and expressive person now. My experience with Project KHEL has introduced a whole new world to me. If you want to be happy in life this is the one place to be. I am going to miss the adorable kids and the love they were always ready to give. I’ll miss the Rajkiya Bal Griha girls the most who scolded me recently when I visited them “ki itne dino baadh kyun aaye ho, zyada aaya karo” (why have you come after so many days, come more frequently) obviously they didn’t know that I am not going to come back soon as I am moving to New Delhi. I have struggled hard to create my space with these girls and finally have made it into their hearts.

I owe a lot of my personality development to Project KHEL. I know I am not leaving Project KHEL, but I do understand it’s never going to be the same. The cute faces, sessions, Sunday morning trainings and fun with the team  is going to be once in a blue moon thing now.  But yes, I am sure, the learning I have had from Project KHEL will go a long way.