by | Jan 11, 2014

Contributed by: Kamzason Hangsing
Dated: 15th December, 2013

Female – a creation, without which nothing seems to be complete. Some say she is inferior, while some say she is equal to her male counterpart and not surprisingly, there are those who say she is superior. What does God have to say about ‘her’?

Rape, harassment, abuse, and so on, have been glued to ‘her’ definition. Menstruation, Discrimination, Subjugation, Pregnancy, etc. all these have been the journey she passes through. Subjected to more risk and pain, yet she is termed the ‘weaker sex of the society’, while remaining indifferent to that fact that she does the same things 24*7 and still manages to breathe and smile. As for me, I believe it’s my upbringing that I find it difficult to accept girls as anything lesser than boys.

Every young man says he is in love with her (though exception applies) or runs wild to find himself someone to love or be loved. Then there are these stories about everything that happened behind closed doors, on the empty streets, and where-not. Should we blame it on Biology? …that it is his hormones, that’s responsible for all these evil acts committed!! So arrest the hormones? Every man is fighting himself; his conscience fighting his libido, his selfish culture fighting his integrity, and what not. …and guess what? a girl’s day depends on who wins the battle in that Man’s head. At the end of the day, to make this place a safe one, we all come down to how loving ‘he’ is… no matter what his religion, norms or peers preach.

As for me, whenever I see the girls attending our KHEL sessions laugh, run and play, I see life… Despite all the suppression, when they come out to play and play well – it gives me strength to persevere and motivates me to fight a good fight with every life challenges. When they pass me a smile – it is saddening to know that their smiles are too vulnerable but then it is so charming that I smile back and pray that it lives forever. Whenever I see them fearlessly telling their male counterparts about fair-play and discipline, I see hope for peace and harmony; when I see the boys gradually learn to respect them in our sessions, I see hope for a better future…. but only if we give them reasons to remain the same as they grow up.

Again, no matter how sad the news reads every day, she smiles and seizes her day. Her smile is too contagious; it creates an ambience of happiness all around. I hope every man could see her worth and how special she is, and make this place a safe one for humanity…